How to know you’re having success with your website?

You might probably have a website done a couple of years ago or even a brand new one and you’ve probably wondered when do you know it’s working?

Well, it’s pretty simple but varies. It actually depends on what exactly you want from it. Through this, I mean that at first when building your website, your User Experience Designer went into a discovery process in which you’ve both identified what you want to achieve through this project, who your users are, and what kind of needs they have.

This discovery process helped both of you understand better what you are going for. So, if your business’s goal was to have more people that buy your product, your success is going to be measured in the items purchased.

But what if you want a presentation website? How do you measure these? Pretty simple, there is a lot of app on the internet that can show how many new people have entered the website, how long they’ve stayed on a certain page or section, etc.

Generally speaking, you can look at:

  1. Number of visitors
  2. How many are new and how many returned
  3. How much time they’ve stayed on a certain page
  4. How often the call to action buttons were clicked (eg. purchase buttons)

As said earlier, the rate of success of your website is in direct connection with the purpose that you’ve set at first when developing it. In case you’ve got an older website, it’s time to rethink it. For that, an expert can help by transforming your goals into a new lead-orientated website.

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